Can You Vape In A Movie Theater/Cinema? [Find Out]

No, vaping isn’t allowed in a movie theater or cinema, but it’s something that vapers still do. It is really inconsiderate to do if it’s not an empty theater though.

People do ghost-smoking or stealth vaping due to the nature of vape products. It’s harder to get caught doing it like traditional smoke products.

If you can’t make it through a movie without a hit, edibles would probably be a safer choice. Just make sure you do not leave any behind!

How to Stealth Vape in a Movie Theater

  • Take a draw in
  • Hold in as long as possible
  • Then exhale very slowly into the shirt sleeve


  • You can just go to the back row and vape without causing disturbance to anyone. That’s way less annoying than cell phone usage or unruly children.


  • You vape in the bathroom like civilized, upstanding citizens.


  • Fit a length of silicone whip to the grasshopper
  • Once that is done, place the hopper into your inside pocket of a hoodie or jack
  • Next, feed the whip through your sleeve
  • Lastly, reach into your pocket
  • Then click it on the rest of your chin on the palm and toke away


  • Cut and put a piece of electrical tape around the air holes and cut slits or crosses where the air holes are so that the slits open when breathing and close the second you quit pilling in.


  • Get a sponge-like or silk material to cover the air holes.


  • The easiest option if you have a jacket on is to use the end of the sleeve to wrap around the air holes while still holding it and that will effectively block all light while still breathing through that one layer of the jacket sleeve.

Why You Shouldn’t Vape in a Theater

  • There are too many people sitting too close and most portable vapes have some sort of a light that distracts people when in cinemas and theaters.
  • The smell of vaping is like weed. It just disappears after some time.
  • Vaporizers aren’t free of cannabis smell
  • You risk embarrassment. Imagine getting kicked out of the theater and losing your movie money.
  • You should be respectful to the others in the theater by not taking vape into smoke. Instead, vape in your car before going into the theater. The effects will still get you on until the movie ends.

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Can You Bring A Vape Into A Movie Theatre?

It is not allowed, but neither is texting or talking as far as I’m aware of, and lots of humans still seem to do that without giving two shits about its effects.

While I don’t mind vaping as much as texting or kids throwing tantrums, It is still an inconsiderate thing. I had a neighbor who went and specifically got a low visibility vape juice and does what she calls ‘ghosting” in the theater, where she holds the vapor in long enough that it is not visible when she breathes out. That doesn’t bother me, but he is being considerate. Still technically not allowed though.

Can You Vape In Cinemark?

Vaping is not allowed in Cinemark. Although it is much better than traditional smoke, it is still incredibly rude to use in an enclosed space with other people.

Yes, it dissipates relatively fast but it still smells and asthmatic patients can still ingest it.

Can You Smoke in A Movie Theaters?

No, you should not. The smoke will trigger the fire alarm system and everyone would be forced to evacuate the building.

Can You Vape In Cinemas Uk?

No, you can’t! All cinemas in the UK do not allow e-cigarette use in the cinema. If caught, you will be thrown out and lose your movie money.


No, you should not vape indoors like in a mall, theater, or movie theatre. I rarely use E-juice and I don’t really like seeing them used where cigarettes aren’t allowed. You should be respectful to others.

Now, that hoodie on the other hand is a vapers dream come true.

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