What Are The Best Seats At The Ohio Theater? [EXPERIENCE]

Is it your first time going to Ohio Theater for a concert and you’re in need of recommendations on the best place to sit?

Well, you’re in luck because we’d be sharing our personal experiences with you when it comes to picking a spot since sometimes, the floor at a theater isn’t always the best.

The following are some of the best seats at the Ohio theater:

  • The center of the Loge (Pricey) but it remains the best seats in the house.
  • Anywhere in the middle of the orchestra is awesome too. However, going to the sides of the orchestra is not recommended since your view might be obstructed depending on the show.
  • Never go on the balcony. It’s pretty far away and you can’t see anything.
  • If you’re tall, you can try an aisle seat. Has more legroom for you and the view isn’t bad at all.

What Are the Best Seats at The Ohio Theater?

From experience, I prefer the Loge (Mezzanine) since it has more legroom than the first or second balcony.

Also, its view of the movie screen or stage is far more superior. The orchestra isn’t bad, with the same legroom as the loge, but I’ll still pick the loge even if it costs more.

Remember, the best seats at a theater depend on your perspective. The mezzanine will give you a more birds-eye of the whole stage and is probably better for symphony and ballet etc. if you don’t want to miss out on any action.

The Floor seats are closer to the stage and, if you are in the front half, you get to see the performers who are at the front of the stage better. I hope that helps.

Is It Better To Sit In Orchestra Or Mezzanine?

Although orchestra seats offer an excellent view of the stage, the mezzanine or balcony (sometimes) offer a better view of it from a higher altitude, especially when compared to the lower seats, where you may be closer, but not enjoy as good of a view.

Is It Better To Sit In Stalls Or Circle Theatre?

Stalls seats are closer to the stage, making them one of the best seats in the theater.

I have been there and done that before. I could tell you a secret – you’ll be able to see the performers blink and touch the stage if you sit in the first few rows of stalls.


Loge is the way to go, but those tickets are the most expensive for that reason. If you don’t want to spend that much I’d go for the lower/orchestra level before I’d do the back of the balcony.

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